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A theory of fads

A theory of fads

Trends are nothing but fashion ideas presented before us by fashion designers that lasts for a long time. The trend influences the current fashion silhouette. Examples of fashion trends would be skinny jeans, maxi skirts, jumpsuits, florals, and cape coats. Trends become trends as they are easy to wear and flattering for many women and suit more body shapes.

On the other hand, fads are other fashion ideas that attract people but are followed for a short period. It is mostly a novelty that is followed by a certain group of people as it gains attention through peers or media. However, individuals quickly lose interest in it. They are called fads because they quickly fade away. There are many fashion fads out there:

Wedge sneakers: Although they spread quickly in the past and many people were crazy about them for being a new trend, some people consider these sneakers as one of the worst trends because the sneakers are mainly made to be comfortable.

Harem pants: Some people did not like this trend and this is why this fashion fads away quickly and now you don’t see anybody wearing this.

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