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Gender in High fashion

Gender in High fashion

Young ladies sport pink. Young men sport blue. Young ladies wear dresses. Young men wear suits. Why like this? Clothing for both men and women is culturally defined. Cultural norms and expectations are related to the meaning of being a man or woman and are closely linked to appearance. A basic purpose of the costume is to distinguish men from women. When a woman dresses up in conventionally masculine clothes, she is given the labels of strong, boss lady, and other appreciative terms. However, when a man decides to dress in feminine clothing, the world begins to question the very reason for their existence.

Although fashion reinforces gender stereotypes, fashion should not be taken into a wrong perspective regarding gender identity or how we even express ourselves on the clothing we put on. Most of the fashion brands want today’s society to know that there’s nothing feminine or masculine about clothing and within historical aspects shows that many people were trying to break that barrier on what men or women should wear.

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