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The red carpet: Celebrities and fashion

Red carpet pictures are seen and commented on across the globe in minutes, but finding a dream designer dress isn’t that simple. Celebrity stylists already face the daunting task of searching for the perfect show-stopping couture gown or the right tailored suit for their client’s red-carpet appearances. They start hunting for a perfect red carpet dress before a month or weeks of a nomination. It’s their responsibility that their client should look amazing at the event.

Celebrities are aware of the fact that all the cameras and spotlight would be on them so they can’t go wrong on a red carpet event. It is the reason they usually opted for gowns or dresses (for women) and tuxedos (for men) from designers as they don’t want to be caught up by the fashion police. But sometimes they prefer to look simple and chose to wear their dress or gown on the red carpet.

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