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Dress in Modern Democracies

Dress in Modern Democracies

Clothing varies from region to region depending on the people’s Ethnicity, geography, climate, and cultural traditions. In the last 50 years, fashion has changed a lot in India. Increasingly, in urban settings in northern India, the sari is no longer the apparel of everyday wear, transformed instead into one for formal occasions. The traditional shalwar kameez is rarely worn by younger women, who favor churidars or jeans more nowadays. The kurtas are worn by young men usually fall to the shins and are seldom plain. In white-collar office settings, ubiquitous air conditioning allows men to wear sports jackets year-round. For weddings and formal occasions, men in the middle- and upper classes often wear band gala, or short Nehru jackets, with pants, with the groom and his groomsmen sporting sherwanis and churidars. Moreover, the younger generation is inclined towards trending fashions like maxi dresses, shorts skirts cargo pants, and many more. Even the boys are not far behind the girls. They mostly wear jeans, t-shirts, shirts, shorts. The young generation of India follows the latest trends and add them to their daily wearing’s.

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