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Forecasting Fashion Trends

Forecasting Fashion Trends

Trend Forecasting is a type of Fashion Research that analyzes market trends and buying habits of people to make decisions on how to design a new collection. Several methods can be implemented for forecasting trends.

1. Newspapers & Magazines – Fashion magazines and newspapers are a great way to get an understanding of seasonal trends.

2. Fashion Forecasting Services – These companies create a curated collection of seasonal trends. Some even provide a personalized trend forecast based on your specific brand needs.

3. Runway Shows – Runway shows across the world act as a catalyst for the upcoming seasonal trends.

4. Market Research – Analyzing customers buying trends can help you make informed decisions for the next season. Understanding who your customer is and how they wear your clothes by researching in the field and online is vital to understand what trends work for your brand and which don’t.

5. By looking to influencers: Today, trend forecasters are more likely to look at influencers, street style, vlogs, and blogs for information on the latest trends. This is called “bottom-up” forecasting, and it involves closely monitoring a target market to predict demand for future trends.

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