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Hippie culture

Hippies: The influence of music on art and fashion in the 1960s

The reason why fashion and music became so inextricably linked is because music became a method of showing individuality, political beliefs, and ideas rather than just homogenized entertainment.

Music influenced fashion can be seen in almost every decade of last century. As a reaction to the Vietnam War’s draft, many music artists began to write music that flew in the face of traditional values. Around the same time, many artists and musicians also began to turn their attention to the benefits of using psychedelic drugs like LSD and peyote. As a result, both music and fashion turned trippy.

On the other hand Hippies were a group of young people that opposed the war and malice largely by rejecting the social customs of that time and promoted peace. The way to show their opposition to social norms and the war was by their unusual appearance. All of them sported commonplace attire as they wore lose clothes, specifically bell-bottomed blue jeans with tie-dyed tee shirts and had long hair. Bogus eyelashes were worn by ladies all through the 1960s. Haircuts were an assortment of lengths and styles. Hallucinogenic prints, neon hues, and jumbled examples were in style. The high fashion at that point saw many Fashion patterns come in resembling the scaled down skirt, culottes, go-go boots. It likewise included numerous trial designs like PVC dresses and garments.

Hippies look also became famous as an “Anti-Fashion” culture because of much simpler choices in dressing, rugged look, least decorative stuff, handmade accessories and definitely no embellishments. They emphasized the love of nature by wearing flowers in their hair, which later became famous as “Flower Power Fashion”.

Hippies at the time were typically seen as dirty, drug-addled college drop-outs who didn’t know how the world worked. Decade 1960s is referred to as the best decade for music. The pop music, jazz, folk and rock-n-roll were all a hit and people followed them like true die-hard fans. The hippie culture had an immense impact on the music industry just like they had on culture, television, arts and fashion.

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