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Fashion Trends in 1980’s

Fashion Trends in 1980’s

The 1980s was possibly the boldest decade in modern fashion history. It has created iconic looks for both men and women. It was a decade of bold style, colors, and silhouettes and heaping amounts of permed hair. The famous trends of 1980’s include:

Acid-wash denim: 1980’s was the year of acid-wash denim which has dominated closets and clothing stores.

Jams shorts: These are inspired by the Hawaiian pattern, perfectly demonstrated the bold and loud style of the ’80s. Jams were another staple of skater culture, with both men and women sporting them when they are on beach and even they weren’t anywhere near a beach.

Accessories only got bigger and bolder in the 1980s. Gold chains became hugely popular during this era.

Leggings: With the rise of the aerobics craze, leggings became a fashion staple in the 1980s.

Pad Blazers: There was no better way to look professional in the 1980s than with a blazer with massive shoulder pads.

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