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Trending Styles

Trending Styles


Brushed plaid “shackets”a hybrid of shirt and jacket are among the current fashion trends that can be worn anywhere, any time. Heavier than a flannel shirt but not quite as bulky as a full-on coat, they’re perfect if you need to run out. They also look great with most things you’re already wearing, from sweatpants to turtlenecks.

Puff Sleeves

Among current fashion trends, this one is made to be noticed. Puff sleeves are a fun take on a regular sleeve, with more volume at the shoulder and the hem which helps to create a puffed up effect. You can pair it up with jeans and skirts.

Sweet Cropped Cardigans

This trend looks just as cute with lounge-y sweatpants as it does with jeans or a midi skirt.

Sweatpants When relaxation calls, you want the right clothing for the occasion. They’re super soft, extremely cozy, and even suitable enough to wear while you’re out on a jog or taking care of last-minute errands. The demand for sweatpants in a variety of colors, including pastels and juicy bolds, has increased.

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